Contemporary Barumini

BARUMINI: antique and contemporary come together to give life to a unique experience.
Sleep in a contemporary work of art and discover the beauties of the ancient world through visits to archaeological sites and a tour of excursions.
Stay 1 or 2 nights in Barumini with lunch or dinner, visit to archaeological sites, excursion to discover the historic center or the countryside, starting from 47 €
1. Room + Dinner € 47.00 per person
2. Room + Dinner + Guided tours of the archaeological sites "Su Nuraxi" and "Casa Zappata" € 57.00 per person
3. Room + Dinner + Guided visits to the archaeological sites "Su Nuraxi" and "Casa Zappata" + Tour in a calessino bee through the streets of the historic center or through the countryside of Barumini € 67.00 per person
For the second night an additional 15% discount is applied to the room and meal price.
Children are welcome and have an additional discount.
For information and reservations call 3487986963
or send an email to:
The offer in particular:
Sleeping: At the Diecizero contemporary art hotel, the first and only hotel of contemporary art in Sardinia. Retrieved from a cinema of the 70s, it presents real art installations inside. An intimate and cognitive experience where it is possible to live in close contact with the work of art.
Eating: at the restaurant the Cavallino della Giara, where culinary art and quality have represented the charm of the island tradition since 1986. Typical Sardinian cuisine and house specialties with the following menu: malloreddus alla campidanese, 'Sa Petza Imbinada' - pork with white wine, house specialty - side dish, water and a glass of wine.
Guided tours: to the Nuragic village "Su Nuraxi", declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, symbol of the most important Nuragic civilization in Sardinia. At the "Casa Zapata" museum complex, the residence of the ancient and noble Aragonese family of the Zapata, which houses "Su Nuraxi'e Cresia", and the "Giovanni Lilliu Center" which hosts temporary and permanent exhibitions.
Excursion: aboard the calessino bee, with a guided tour of the historic center, the Roman bridge, the churches and monuments of the town; Or nature tour, through the countryside of Barumini immersed in uncontaminated nature.
What can you do in Barumini besides our offer?
. Visit the plateau of the Giara di Gesturi-Tuili- Setzu- Genoni, a natural park where you can meet wild horses (3 Km from Barumini)
. Miniature Sardinia Park (1.5 Km from the center of Barumini)
. Collection of tulips in Turri (9 Km from Barumini)
. Naturalistic excursions throughout the Marmilla, with different types of packages
For information and reservations call 3487986963
or send an email to:
. The offer is not valid for 21 and 22 April, 25 April and 01 May 2019